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Only 10% of astronauts are female, and in space engineering that number seems even worse. This blog is dedicated to put the Women in Space in the spotlight to educate and inspire a new generation.

Previously known as F Yeah! Female Astronauts.
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FameLab Astrobiology 2012 Houston: Britney Schmidt 



Valentina Tereshkova training for her flight aboard Vostok 6

They wired you to everything in those days..



Valentina Tereshkova training for her flight aboard Vostok 6

They wired you to everything in those days..


British Cosmonaut Helen Sharman’s Space Suit & Launch Couch from her flight aboard Soyuz TM-12 to the Russian, MIR Space Station in May 1991 at The National Space as featured in @TheGarbagePOD ‘s #CadetsGuideToSpace https://mcc.yurisnight.net/parties/2350-the-garbage-pod-yuri-s-night-2014-a-space-cadets-guide-to-space-live-streaming-event


Astronaut Shannon Lucid is seen egressing from a training version of a Soyuz spacecraft, during a water survival training session in Russia. In March of 1996, Lucid accompanied the STS-76 crew to the Russian space station, Mir, where she stayed for a little over four months before returning to Earth with the STS-79 crew.

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Twelve-year-old aspiring astronaut Alyssa Carson, call sign “Blueberry,” is crowdfunding for her upcoming summer, which consists of a schedule packed with space-based activities and events.

Because she’s been working hard on her dream since the age of 3, Alyssa already has an impressive resume. 

Some of her accomplishments to date are: 

1. Attended Space Camp 7 times.
2. Won the “Right Stuff Award.”
3. First person to complete the NASA Passport Program, going to all 14 NASA Visitor Centers in the US.
4. Examined the last external tank left in existence from the Shuttle.
5. Attended 3 Space Shuttle launches.

Alyssa’s summer plan is as follows:

June 4 - Fly out to Greece and participate in TED talks 
June 8 - Space Camp Turkey exhibit dedication and speaking with the campers
June 11 - Leave Turkey and head to International Space University for tours and talks
June 18 - Leave ISS and head to St Georges to meet a French astronaut
June 20 - Head to UK for tours and talks at Oxford and Cambridge University
June 26 - Head to Netherlands to meet with the Mars One team 
June 29 - July 4 Euro Space Camp with the European Space Agency
July 6 - Fly home
July 8 - Speaking engagement in Alexandria, LA
July 13 - 18 - National Flight Academy in Pensacola, FL
July 20 - 25 - Aviation Challenge Mach II Huntsville, AL (Space Camp)
July 27 - August 1 - VA Flight Academy Wallops Island, VA

TED is paying for flights and expenses until June 8th.

The rest of the expenses are rail passes, boat passes, hotels, food, camp tuitions, RV parking, gas, etc. The Carson family makes it an important point to travel as modestly as possible.

They have also made the commitment to use any excess funds on their next campaign, which will sponsor inner city kids and send them to space camps in partnership with Astronaut.com coming this summer.

Please check out the Indiegogo campaign and consider making a contribution. There are small $1 and $5 pledges available. 

Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/alyssa-carson-mars-bound-with-your-help/x/6444527

Alyssa’s Astronaut.com page: http://alyssacarson.astronaut.com/

Today and tonight it is Yuri’s Night, the world space party. Find a party near you here!


Astronaut Mary Ellen Weber, mission specialist with space shuttle missions STS-70 and STS-101. (NASA)

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Astronaut Karen Nyberg poses for a photograph with an enthusiastic NASA Social attendee following a presentation about her time living, working, and conducting research on the International Space Station. The NASA Social was held on Monday, March 24, 2014 at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Nyberg served as a flight engineer aboard the space station during Expeditions 36 and 37, from May to November 2013. In addition to her time on the orbiting outpost, Nyberg also flew aboard space shuttle Discovery during its STS-124 mission in 2008.

Image Credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

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"(February 28, 1979) From left to right are Shannon W. Lucid, Margaret Rhea Seddon, Kathryn D. Sullivan, Judith A. Resnik, Anna L. Fisher, and Sally K. Ride. NASA selected all six women as their first female astronaut candidates in January 1978, allowing them to enroll in a training program that they completed in August 1979."

Check out the whole “Women of NASA” flickr set for more great photos of female astronauts/NASA personnel, past and present!

source: NASA commons

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