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Only 10% of astronauts are female, and in space engineering that number seems even worse. This blog is dedicated to put the Women in Space in the spotlight to educate and inspire a new generation.

Previously known as F Yeah! Female Astronauts.
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Wang Yaping

This is the face of the soon to be second Chinese woman in space. Wang Yaping was born on 27 January 1980 in Yantai (Shandong, China). Yantai is a coastal city on the Bohai Strait.  She grew up on a cherry farm together with her younger sister. After she graduated from middle school she insisted on college, air force college (Changchun Flight Academy) to be precise. In 1998 she was qualified for solo flying and she graduated in 2001. Since she has flown several missions on transport aircraft, helping among others during the May 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. At the moment she is a major in the Chinese air force.

She was selected for astronaut training in may 2010. She was a second for the Shenzhou 9 flight of last year. This hear she is honoured with her own spaceflight. Not only that, China portraits her as the first Chinese teacher in space, since she will teach several lessons from orbit.  

In her space time major Wang enjoys photography, music and basketball. She has also done long distance running in the past. In the news articles about her she is described as being eager to excel and hard working. 

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