Women in Space!

Only 10% of astronauts are female, and in space engineering that number seems even worse. This blog is dedicated to put the Women in Space in the spotlight to educate and inspire a new generation.

Previously known as F Yeah! Female Astronauts.
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At age 19 Marsha Ivins had already ambitions to become an astronaut, she wrote a letter to the head of the human spaceflight center to inquire whether she could become an astronaut and what career path would be best for her. Astronaut “Deke” Slayton, at the time director of flight crew operations answered her letter. He answered that he did not expect any new selections in the upcoming years, he was right, the next selection would be in 1978.

Marsha Ivins continued her study and graduated in 1973 in aerospace engineering. She went on the work for NASA. While she did not apply for astronaut in 1978, she did in 1980. She was rejected. She tried again in 1984 and ultimately she was selected as an astronaut in Astronaut group 10 “the maggots”. Her first flight took place in 1990 on sts-32. She continued her job as an astronaut and went back to space 4 other times. She retired at the end of 2010.

Photo: NASASource letters: thespacereview.com

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