Women in Space!

Only 10% of astronauts are female, and in space engineering that number seems even worse. This blog is dedicated to put the Women in Space in the spotlight to educate and inspire a new generation.

Previously known as F Yeah! Female Astronauts.
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Do you want to be an Analog Space Explorer?

HI-SEAS (Hawaiʻi Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) is looking for crewmembers for upcoming space exploration analog missions. Three studies are planned at their new space analog habitat, a 4 month study in the beginning of 2014, a 6 month study later in 2014 and a 12 month study in 2015. The groups will live isolated in the simulation habitat, and perform task like you would expect on a Mars mission.

The crewmembers need to be between 21 and 65 years old, must pass a Class 2 flight physical examination and also live up to other requirements NASA sets for their astronauts. While the crewmembers will be compensated it is also expected that they bring their own research work as well.

If you are excited, read more and apply on the HI-SEAS website.

Photo shows Yajaira in front of the HI-SEAS habitat. Photo by Sian.

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    Do you want to be an Analog Space Explorer? HI-SEAS (Hawaiʻi Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) is looking for...
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